About we can bmore

To further our commitment to the communities we serve, Wheelabrator Baltimore has embarked on a local public awareness and education campaign in partnership with local residents, businesses, government agencies and organizations to support waste reduction, diversion of waste from landfills, neighborhood beautification and to promote sustainable habits.

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To increase recycling rates, WE CAN BMORE will:

  • Provide recycling bins and easy-to-access information about what can be recycled and when
  • Support and promote neighborhood recycling days in coordination with cleanup and trash removal

To encourage sustainable habits, WE CAN BMORE will:

  • Provide reusable products like shopping bags and beverage containers

To promote composting, WE CAN BMORE will:

  • Provide home composting kits
  • Facilitate pickup of composted material
  • Connect residents to local, urban gardens

To sustain beautiful neighborhoods, WE CAN BMORE will:


  • Provide dumpsters and recycling collection at neighborhood cleanup events

For more information about Wheelabrator Baltimore, visit wtienergy.com.

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