We Can Bmore – A project of Wheelabrator Baltimore.

We Can Bmore is a public awareness and engagement campaign that invests in waste reduction initiatives and the individuals, organizations and institutions that support this important cause in Baltimore City.

In addition to investing in local sustainability education that promotes waste reduction, diversion from landfills and product reuse, We Can Bmore provides the tools necessary to make a difference.

WE CAN do more together.
WE CAN sustain beautiful, clean communities.
WE CAN divert waste from landfills.

We Can BMore volunteers teamed up with State Delegate Chanel Branch for a community clean-up at the Madeira Street Garden in East Baltimore’s C.A.R.E. neighborhood.

Madeira Street Garden

We Can Bmore partnered with City of Refuge, The Mission Continue’s Baltimore Platoon and community residents and volunteers to clean and green the area surrounding City of Refuge’s Victory Garden. Our Green Ambassador’s helped to water, weed and seed the garden. From our collective efforts, 6,500 pounds of trash were removed from our streets. 

City of Refuge

We Can Bmore partnered with Mount Clare Community Council for their neighborhood cleanup. Our community members were able to remove over 3,100 pounds of trash from the streets.

Mount Clare Community Council

We Can Bmore has held countless community events across Baltimore City. We won't stop until every neighborhood is a cleaner place for its residents.

Together with community partners, we’ve cleaned more than 220,284 pounds of trash!

We want to organize a neighborhood clean up with you.

Request a free organized community clean-up

Fill out the form on this page and a We Can Bmore organizer will email or call you.

We Can Bmore will market the event and work with you to ensure that members of your community join our cleanup.

Step 1: Submit the form.

Step 3: Hold an event

We Can Bmore partners with community leaders and residents who identify areas in need of beautification. Wheelabrator, now WIN Waste Innovations, employees join with community volunteers to clean neighborhoods across the city and manage waste in an environmentally friendly way.

Let’s work together to remove trash from our neighborhoods.

Step 2: Schedule an event

We will find a time that works for you and your community and ensure our support staff, equipped with cleaning supplies, joins on the day of the event.


Together we can: 
Reuse: Transform waste into renewable energy
Recycle: Turn recyclables into raw materials for new products
Remove: Trash from our neighborhoods


Complete our form and one of our organizers will reach out to schedule a cleaning event for your neighborhood.

We empower communities to make a difference.