In the Community

We Can Bmore, a project of Wheelabrator Baltimore, is a public awareness and engagement campaign that invests in waste reduction initiatives and the individuals, organizations and institutions that support this important cause in Baltimore City.

Green Ambassadors

The Green Ambassadors program, a partnership between Wheelabrator Baltimore’s We can Bmore and the Ministers’ Conference of Baltimore and Vicinity, is committed to cleaning communities to promote environmental justice, sustainability, and public safety by removing trash that diminishes neighborhood streets. We hire local residents through Baltimore-owned landscaping businesses to clean up each and every week surrounding four Baltimore churches.

Who Green Ambassadors Are: 

    • Wheelabrator Employees
    • Congregation Members
    • Community Members

What Green Ambassadors Do:

  • Crews of four work two days per week
    Cleaning and greening Baltimore neighborhoods

Where Green Ambassadors Are:

  • Union Baptist Church, Upton Community
  • Ark Church, Oliver Community
  • Liberty Grace Church of God, Ashburton Community
  • Bethany Baptist Church, Brooklyn Community
  • Community Outreach Ministries, Westport/Mt. Winans Community

Green Ambassador Impact: 

  • Approximately 3,000 gallons of trash per week removed from each of our Baltimore City communities

Recycling Street Teams 

Wheelabrator’s We can Bmore program is committed to improving Baltimore’s recycling rate, which is currently just under 20%. Community Street Team members go door-to-door and:

  • Speak with community members about reducing waste and litter
  • Invite community members to begin recycling
  • Distribute free recycling bins
  • Educate residents on what can and cannot be recycled
  • Notify neighbors of recycling collection days
  • Invite community members to Join We Can Bmore’s Leaders Program, where they can convene with other leaders from different neighborhoods to consider broader, city-wide waste-reduction solutions.

Community Cleanups

Through the We Can Bmore program, Wheelabrator employees have partnered with Baltimore community leaders throughout our city to initiate or support existing efforts to clean and green neighborhoods.

How Cleanups Work:

  • Residents identify areas in need of beautification
  • We Can Bmore supplies rollaway dumpsters, trucks, and volunteers to clean up and transport waste from alleys and sites plagued by dumping
  • We Can Bmore supplies food and drinks for community volunteers


To be a leader in your community and bring the We Can Bmore program to your neighborhood, please email us

A project of Wheelabrator Baltimore.