Recycling Street Teams

Our Recycling Street Team members are committed to improving Baltimore’s recycling rate of just under 20%. Team members have traveled across the city and knocked on doors to speak with residents about the benefits of reducing waste and litter. They also invite community members to begin recycling and distribute free bins with lids.

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We Can Bmore will be delivering more than 1,144 free recycling bins across the city


  • 4,345 Doors Knocked
  • 455 Conversations
  • 252 Bins Requested

Cherry Hill

  • 1,500 Doors Knocked
  • 270 Conversations
  • 455 Bins Requested


  • 3,240 Doors Knocked
  • 449 Conversations
  • 288 Bins Requested

Ellwood Park

  • 1,120 Doors Knocked
  • 244 Conversations
  • 149 Bins Requested

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